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about Mà

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Marta Giacomini, born in Rome in 1986.
She grew up surrounded by books, comics and movies in the hinterland of Rome, she had a classical imprint completed with humanistic studies and medio oriental language, culture, literature at “La Sapienza” University of Rome.
Always interested in handcrafting she made for herself and friends clothes and accessories as well. Between the university and her new life as MàGia, she was employed in a comics shop for almost one year increasing her knowledge about.

In the meantime she became teacher of Italian for foreigners at Siena University.

Name & project

She never forgot to create something with hands during the studies as well as after them, thence born MàGia, trademark, match between Marta and Giacomini that in italian it sounds like “magic”.
Afterwards to improve her knowledge about jewellry world, she took a professional goldsmith course and she attended the “Accademia delle Arti Orafe” of Rome.
The great passion for hand making, added to her studies, to the great number of books and comics read, movies and tv series watched, made her to start a new project based also on her wish to disclose, to teach something through the creation of a new style of accessories.
The Fabulous Collection is resulted from this desire.

About project

“Everybody identifies himself with a story, someone even with two and for someone else The Library wouldn’t be enough. […] The Fabulous collection represents this human foundation that everybody has inside, and that is expressed through the accessory that characterizes ourself and permits us to be recognizable. Searching for the perfect fusion of to be and to appear.”

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